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Welcome to Ossa Marketing Strategy! My name is Bryan. I am a data-driven, creative professional specializing in marketing, strategy, and design based in San Diego. I have created marketing departments, revolutionized processes, and invented new systems.

My mission is to deliver impeccable and insightful creative direction to clients. My plug-in-and-play approach effectively incorporates into your existing business model, regardless of scale and budget, allowing you to achieve your goals with measurable results.

Let’s Create Together.



Impactful Marketing

Building, executing, and measuring a 360-degree campaign is my bread and butter. I’ve worked with real estate, gaming, non-profits, academia, and a number of other industries to market fantastic products and services.

My success stems from a data-informed approach. I work with companies and clients to identify the wants and needs of the organization. I’ll then piece the campaign together while adding the necessary components. The end result will shout success!



Effective Strategy

I’ve worked with many people and organizations who have an overall goal in mind but aren’t sure about what they need to do to get there. I work within their scope to identify ways in which they can translate an idea into reality. I’ll then identify KPIs and measure overall ROI to ensure optimum delivery!



Purposeful Design

Whether it is intended for digital or print, long-form or short, everyone has a different project need. Presentation is everything and it is critical to present yourself or your business in the best light.

I have a creative eye, a unique perspective, and the informed experience to make something awesome. It will surpass your expectations, be eye-catching, and will maximize engagement with your clients!

Already have an idea? Awesome! I will effectively incorporate it into a design you will be pleased with.



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